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Manicures It's all about you. We provide the options, you make the choice. Each location and every technician has soothing scents and silky moisturizers to ensure glowing, healthy nails and supple skin. Every manicure includes a soothing tension-releasing hand and arm massage and therapeutic exfoliates to soften the skin. Select the treatment. Choose an aromatic scrub. Enjoy.

  • Acrylic nails
    • A durable cover on your nail to add length, strength and beauty
  • Gel nails
    • An attractive addition that is thinner than acrylic and equally long-lasting
  • Solar nails
    • A signature service derived from a special liquid that never yellows, ever
  • Silk wrap
    • This traditional mainstay encases and strengthens your natural nail
  • Naturally buffed
    • An option that appeals to gentlemen and ladies alike who want a clean, naturally-groomed and smooth professional look
  • Spa manicure
    • This service accompanies any type of nail selection and offers a limited selection of scrubs, lotions and a massage
  • Deluxe manicure
    • Opt to enjoy a longer hand and arm massage to accompany any nail selection. Choose from a greater variety of lotions and scrubs including peppermint, sea salt and sugar
  • Polish change
    • Quickly freshen your look, making your hands beautiful accessories for your style of the moment
  • Nail repair
    • A quick fix with personal attention to detail
  • Nail removal
    • Return to your natural look quickly and conveniently
  • Air brush designs
    • Enjoy an array of artistic enhancements to illustrate your style

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Pedicures Relax with a foot and leg massage that removes tension and refreshes the entire body. Trained technicians stroke and knead your feet in all the right places with just the right amount of pressure. Sit back. Unwind. Exhale.

  • Natural
    • An authentic look that reveals fresh, shaped, buffed toenails that gentlemen and ladies will enjoy showcasing
  • Acrylic
    • We can supplement where nature left off and lengthen your toenails to accompany the color and design of your choice
  • Solar nails
    • A signature service derived from a special liquid that never yellows, ever
  • Spa pedicure
    • Enjoy this salon mainstay that offers a relaxing massage with any toenail service selection
  • Deluxe pedicure
    • Revel in the pleasure of a longer massage with an array of lotions and skin softening scrubs to accompany any foot service selection

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Waxing Sleek. Smooth. Sexy. Our hair removal services offer men and women a clean, fresh, satiny feel. Decide on a service. Reveal your assets. Enhance.

  • For the face
    • Lip waxing -- This long-lasting service removes distracting facial hair quickly and comfortably with high quality materials
    • Chin waxing -- Give your face a touchable finish for a special evening or as a standard beauty routine
    • Eyebrow waxing -- Eyes are the alluring windows to the soul. Let us frame them with a brow shape customized to suit your face and bone structure
  • For the body
    • Bikini waxing -- Technicians sculpt an impeccably refined look year-round whether you are preparing for the beach or maintaining a preferred look
    • Chest waxing -- Gentlemen and athletes will appreciate this process that showcases previously-hidden definition
    • Back waxing -- Secure the clean comfort of glistening smooth skin after removing unwanted or excessive hair

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Bridal Party Services

Bridal Party Services Select and combine any of our services for your bridal party during exclusive rental of the salon for your friends and family. Nail Boutique & Spa technicians will provide impeccable grooming services for your male wedding attendants and deliver memorable pampering for the bride, mothers and bridesmaids.

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