About Us

The mission

Please you. That's our only plan. It's our only purpose.

We'll define your brows and use tension-releasing massage techniques on your arms and legs. Your soles will be softer and your skin smoother. It's what you want. That's what we'll do. Leave with satiny palms and shapely nails sealed in your favorite color. We insist on delivering exquisite beauty services in an elegant environment without premium pricing.

Nail Boutique & Spa believes that's what you need. It's what you deserve.

The market

A 20-minute drive in almost any direction leads you through communities with several spas and nail salons. They appear and disappear sometimes overnight. And behind the doors of a simple storefront or elegant edifice, technicians handle the skin, nails, eyebrows, palms and soles of clients looking for restoration and relaxation.

Some receive exceptionally safe care. Others don't. Few know the difference. But we do.

Our boutique is setting and maintaining standards that allow you to exhale with the assurance that your well-being is an integral part of enhancing your beauty. Our sterilization practices and use of disposable implements are among the extra steps we mandate in each of our locations.

So join us. Revel in the moments you deserve knowing we never sacrifice safety for style.

The management

Experience matters. So does commitment. And that's what anchors and propels the owner of Nail Boutique & Spa. Thi Nguyen brings more than 25 years of excellence and professional development to beauty enhancement and maintenance.

Thi invested years in educating himself and developing his skills for the benefit of their clients. After earning his technician's license in North Carolina, Thi immediately sought additional instruction from an experienced salon owner -- his uncle, the man who opened Louisiana's first nail salon nearly two decades earlier.

Thi spent three years training under the expert guidance of that trailblazer, learning exceptional client service, sound business practices and impeccable safety standards before opening a salon of his own in Georgia.

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